TRC: The Re-build

Building a better clubhouse

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Low-traffic areas

Some photos of the less glamourous sections of the new clubhouse.

The back stairs have been widened and extended upwards for rear access to the flats.  The flats are in fitting stages and the crew room storage area is open and light.

In the kitchen, a new hood has been installed for better extraction.

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Intelligent design…

…or decorating!  Week 23 showed more finishing on the internal structures and the decorators began their work.  

The bar frame has been installed and the wall panelling will be going up shortly.  From the crew room, the large window leading to the bar will be installed with a roller shutter to close off the bar when not in use.  The red cupboards hold a sink for drinking water (and for the morning kettle!) for morning trainings.

The timber in the clubhouse is being tidied and painted in preparation for November, when the club hopes to open for the Fours Head.  Decorative beams have been installed in the hallway between the hall and the crew room.

And almost all new windows are now fully installed - the last batch being in the Boat Race office.

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Windows, windows everywhere…

Windows across the site are being installed.  The window emerging from the side of the building is for the flat upstairs, giving a better view of the river.  

The crew room is getting new windows as are the facias surrounding the veranda.

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Stripping the scaffolding

The flat windows on the front of the veranda have been fixed with their cills and surroundings and are ready for the cladding to be fixed.

Inside the veranda, the Victorian columns exposed in the initial stages of the rebuild are framed and will be painted in Thames colours.  The oak floor is also being laid in the veranda and the bar.

The scaffolding is starting to be removed to reveal the new facade and the boat bays are now back in full use (and are brighter to boot!)

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More windows!

The flat windows are now fully in, with cills and surrounds fixed as well.  The oak cladding will be added next.  The fresh colour of the oak will bring a very new feel to the building, but fear not, with time and weather, the upper section of clubhouse will certainly regain its classic charms.

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Week 20

It’s all about the glazing!

The glass doors that once separated the hall from the veranda have been removed and the result is a much more cohesive space.  The veranda now acts as an extension of the halll, rather than an area on its own.

Windows are going in across the site and the latest ones to be installed were the crew room windows as shown in the roof-level shots above.

More work progresses in week 21, the posts of which will follow this week!

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Make mine a double.

Drinks will have to be bigger to hold their own in the larger bar.  The frame for the new bar is in place and the increase in size of the room itself is clear even in photos.

Also shown is the access to the new flats from within the clubhouse.

Out on the veranda, the tongue-and-groove boarding has been going up to line the ceilings and the metal flashing is being added to the dormer windows.  Some old roof slates were salvaged during removal and have been placed back on to finish the roof.

Our architect also advises that the doors on the veranda, which will match the original TRC doors, are being hung and the rest of the windows have arrived this week.

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The season has begun and the building is taking shape.  The photos in this post are from the middle of September (weeks 18 & 19) as James, who supplies the photos for your author, was on a much-deserved holiday.

Dormer windows are going in and the sliding windows at the end of the balcony (in the corners) have also been fitted.  

Not shown above, the new flats above have been fully plastered and the plasterers will now begin on the first floor.

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